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About Watch Winder
Outstanding Windertek Triple Watch Winder from Eilux keeps three of your mechanical watches running and operational. Handsome winder has a brown leather cover with an acrylic display window. Attractive plush lined interior has a removable caddy tray, that conceals the controls for individual setting controls of each watch. Premium grade winder provides smooth, quiet operation and is specially designed to echo real life body movement. Three individual Fuzzy logic controls allow you to set the best winding mode for each of the three watches. Patented spring-loaded watch holders keep your timepieces secure at all times. Windertek triple watch winder is 10-1/4 inches wide, 8-1/2 inches high, 7-3/4 inches deep and has a lock and key for security. UL approved.

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Winding Stem
The button on the right side of the watchcase used to wind the mainspring. Also called a "crown."

Watch Winding
Operation consisting of tightening the mainspring of a watch. This can be done by hand (by the crown) or automatically (by a rotor, which is caused to swing by the movements of the wearer's arm).

Watch Maintenance
About every three years, you should have your watch cleaned and serviced. For automatic watches, you'll need your battery changed, and for mechanical watches, you should have all the moving parts inspected and cleaned. For Tissot watches with water resistant seals, you should have the resistance checked annually using pressure equipment, and the seals should be changed as well. As far as care, you should always check the case and bracelet for wear if you expose them to chemicals or harsh environments. Cosmetics and perfume can also damage these components, as well as the rest of the watch.


Watch winder offered in association with Ashford.
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