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A history of watch making would be incomplete without the mention of Rolex's impressive and significant contributions to the industry. The Oyster Case, invented by Rolex in 1926, was hailed as the world's first truly waterproof wristwatch. It combined two revolutionary features: an amazingly strong case and a hermetically sealed winding crown.

In 1931, the second important innovation of the House of Rolex was the development and introduction of the "Perpetual" - the first automatic winding watch utilizing a revolutionary rotor. Little changed since its debut, the Perpetual movement transforms each movement of the wrist into a reserve of power. This system keeps the mainspring at optimum tension, assuring an extra margin of accuracy and dependability.

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Watch Maintenance
Buying a vintage watch is often an important investment, so understanding each aspect of your watch is equally important.

About every three years, you should have your vintage watch cleaned and serviced. For automatic watches, you'll need your battery changed, and for mechanical watches, you should have all the moving parts inspected and cleaned. For watches with water resistant seals, you should have the resistance checked annually using pressure equipment, and the seals should be changed as well. As far as care, you should always check the case and bracelet for wear if you expose them to chemicals or harsh environments. Cosmetics and perfume can also damage these components, as well as the rest of the watch.


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