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Nixon Super Rover

Nixon watch (pictured left)
The Nixon Super Rover is a high-end sport watch with a chronograph. Like other Nixon watches, the Super Rover is built on a platform of water and shock resistancy. It has a raised bezel so the crystal, already made with a thick scratch resistant hardened mineral, is further protected by a ridge of stainless steel. The Super Rover watch band is a Nixon only design: a half polyurethene/half steel link design that puts the steel in the center of the band for strength and the polyurethane on the edges for comfort and flexibility.

Watch Maintenance
Buying a watch is often an important investment, so understanding each aspect of your Nixon watch is equally important.

About every three years, you should have your watch cleaned and serviced. For automatic Nixon watches, you'll need your battery changed, and for mechanical watches, you should have all the moving parts inspected and cleaned. For watches with water resistant seals, you should have the resistance checked annually using pressure equipment, and the seals should be changed as well. As far as care, you should always check the case and bracelet for wear if you expose them to chemicals or harsh environments. Cosmetics and perfume can also damage these components, as well as the rest of the watch.

A note on screw down crowns: The way you adjust the time on any watch with a screw down crown is by simply unscrewing the crown, then pull it out, then adjust the time, then push the crown in and screw it back down.


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