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A Fossil timepiece

Fossil Watch
Fossil's renowned designers constantly study emerging fashion trends to bring consumers the most unique and innovative products.

The company sought to fill this void in the market and began designing watches to act as a fashion accessory. Fossil incorporated a fifties Americana design into the brand image in an attempt to target value driven consumers. The concept paid off and they quickly emerged as the leader of a growing industry.

Established in 1984, Fossil has been a leader in the watch industry since inception. With a look that's all on its own, Fossil provides sports, casual, and fashion style watches that go great for any occasion. Today they produces over three hundred different styles of watches in a line which continually changes.

Watch Maintenance
About every three years, you should have your watch cleaned and serviced. For automatic Fossil watches, you'll need your battery changed, and for mechanical watches, you should have all the moving parts inspected and cleaned. For watches with water resistant seals, you should have the resistance checked annually using pressure equipment, and the seals should be changed as well. As far as care, you should always check the case and bracelet for wear if you expose them to chemicals or harsh environments. Cosmetics and perfume can also damage these components, as well as the rest of the watch.


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